donderdag 20 oktober 2011

Ricardo Odnoposoff and my regret for hesitation...

Sometimes, you are just too late… In 2003 I found out that violinist Ricardo Odnoposoff, then 89 years old, was alive and kicking and living in Vienna. He had a new hobby, digital photography, and up-to-date enough in cyberspace to have an E-mail address where could reach him. I just found out his MMS recordings and had tons of questions about those subscription label records, which were pioneering in taking classical music to a new audience. Finally, when I had my questions ready in 2004 I learned Ricardo Odnoposoff had just passed away. Sometimes, you are just too late…

Ricardo Odnoposoff was born in Buenos Aires in 1914 of Russian emigrants. He studied with Leopold Auer and Carl Flesch. His career has spanned decades and he has played with all of the great conductors and orchestras of the world in that time. In the Concourse Musical International Reine Elizabeth of 1937, David Oistrakh won the first prize with 1620 points, and Ricardo Odnoposoff came second with 1564 points.

His activities during 1950-51 are evidence of his world-wide reputation: 48 engagements, 15 with orchestra, in Europe; a sold-out North American tour of 56 engagements; 49 engagements, 29 with orchestra, in Australia!

In my opinion, Odnoposoff resembles opera singer Benjamino Gigli in his statue as a performer; Not always the most "lucky" musical decisions, but boy what a tone!!

The following record was taped in 1950 for the infamous Allegro label. The (rare!) record itself lies in the vaults of the Dutch NOB fonotheek, the restoration of the sound recording was my job… Below the youtube movie is a HD link for better sound quality. All movements are in one movie (saves running to the computer :)

Ludwig van Beethoven:

Violin sonata no 4 in a minor op 23

Ricardo Odnoposoff, violin

Otto Herz, piano

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