zondag 25 december 2011

Music for the Dead Days

Ok, Christmas night is over… Are you already fed up with the fourth Weihnachtsoratorium you just had to hear this year? The sixth Messiah? Cambridge Choir Chorals until you drop? Do you want to act on the word “Wham” when ”Last Christmas” bugs you for the zillionth time in the mall you visit? Don’t despair! Here is the Christmas music that does not feature any tunes wich crawl in your ears when you actually want to sleep, does not contain any people singing and is actually a very nice composition an sich. Perfect music for what the Dutch writer Natalie Koch so beautifully described as “the dead days between Christmas and New Year”…
It’s the Weihnachtsquintett (Christmas Quartet) from the Dutch Composer Jan Brandts Buys (1868-1933). Scored for Flute and String Quartet and composed in 1915, it perfectly set’s the introvert and reflective mood of the Dead Days, providing a suitable transition between O Holy Night and Auld Lang Syne… Click the link below for the music.
Have a Happy Dead Days!


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