vrijdag 31 augustus 2012


I did it!! I finally found the music that annoys my surroundings even more than GothicElectro, Dubstep, or Speedcore… :-) Not a bad accomplishment for a 17th century Austrian composer, with a reputation for being a dull academic…! Poor Johann Joseph Fux, ok, the Habsburg Catholic court *might* not have been the gentlest, free-thinking surroundings of that period (ask it to the people who had to endure the 30 year war), but only to be remembered by a book that nobody can read (as it is written in Latin) no, that is too harsh for Johann. So I was glad to find his “Missa Corporis Christi” on youtube, nice flowing music, so easy going that you have to be in a splendid mood to endure it…
The only snag was that the uploader wanted to make a puzzle of the missa order. No clues given… So, here is my solution for this Fuxpuzzle, the right order for this work.
Hope you will enjoy it!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Glad you're posting again. It's been since Christmas.

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  3. Thanks Tom, will slowly pick it up again..
    Rolf (otterhouse is only nickname :-)

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